We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Carmelo Tortolano


Main responsibilities of the president

In most nonprofit organizations, the president oversees fund raising operations, and is also the organization’s chief fundraiser. This involves acting as the primary spokesperson for the organization, recruiting donors, and attending fundraising functions. Act as liaison to the board of directors.

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Patricia Gaudio


Main responsibilities of the Secretary

  • Ensuring meetings are effectively organized. Liaising with the Chair to plan meetings.
  • Maintaining effective records and administration.
  • Upholding legal requirements.
  • Communication and correspondence.

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Sara Caltagirone

Assistant Vice – President

Main responsibilities of the assistant vice – president

  • Ensuring meetings are effectively organized. Liaising with the Chair to plan meetings.
  • Communication and correspondence.

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Ghizlane Marbouhi


Main responsibilities of the Marketing

  • Overseeing and developing marketing campaigns.
  • Conducting research and analyzing data to identify and define audiences.
  • Devising and presenting ideas and strategies.
  • Promotional activities.
  • Compiling and distributing financial and statistical information.

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Megan D’Ermo

Event Coordinator

Main responsibilities of the Event Coordinator

  • Plan everything from galas to large expos and trade shows. 
  • Control events from conception to clean up.
  • Meet with clients to work out event details,
  • Plan with the clients and their teams, scout and book locations, food, entertainment and staff.

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